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Biosphere at Treehotel



Even though you might be a world away from home, at the Treehotel, we welcome you like family. Let us take you away from the stresses and demands of everyday life. Living up among the tall trees in the pine forest of Northern Sweden has never been so easy. Gaze out at Sweden’s spectacular nature from up in one of 8 magnificent and magical rooms:

  • The Cabin

  • The Mirror Cube

  • The Blue Cone

  • The UFO

  • The Birds Nest

  • The Dragonfly

  • The 7th Room

  • The Biosphere

Watch the Northern Lights illuminate the sky above you and your snowmobile, or take a family fishing trip and learn all about the berries you pick up along the way. One thing’s for sure at the Treehotel, you’ll be inspired by your surroundings and experiences. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a relaxing break, or simply to wind down in nature, Treehotel invites you to experience nature in the most unique and memorable way you can imagine.

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Breathtaking nature - 7th room
Treehotel new owners - photo Johan Jansson

Photo: Johan Jansson

The Treehotel Story

Founders Kent and Britta created a magical place in the forest where their vision of Arctic life is played out on a daily basis. From humble beginnings, starting with the guest house in the small village of Harads, they found the inspiration, motivation and courage to build something truly unique. Starting in 2010 with the Cabin, Mirror Cube and Blue Cone the rooms have been added to on a regular basis and culminated with the magnificent Biosphere in 2022.

Today Kent and Britta are semi-retired and working a variety of fun projects and their leadership has been taken over by Jonas Olsson and Hanna Wennebro whose amazing team continue the mission of taking amazing care of their guests.

Natur's best

Nature's best

Nature’s Best® is Sweden’s only sustainability label for nature-based experiences. The labeling system labels the activities of ecotourism entrepreneurs. Nature’s Best® functions both as a systematic tool for nature and cultural tourism companies’ sustainable business development and a quality label that makes sustainable experiences visible to conscious travelers.

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