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Hovercraft at Brändön Lodge
Dogsledding at Brändön Lodge


Tired of everyday life and excited to try something new? Swedish Lapland offers everything from snowmobile tours to guided hiking to hovercraft adventures. Depending on the season, our adventure activities will vary widely but always be exciting and fun and a chance to spend time with local people and learn to enjoy their Arctic Life. 
All our hotels and lodges offer fantastic activities, particularly the three below, which offer them in locations that shout adventure. Brändön Lodge on the edge of the Baltic Archipelago, Treehotel in the Treetops overlooking the Luleå River and Aurora Safari Camp glamping in the Råne River Valley.
Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure!

Brändön Lodge is a great starting point for your adventures. From here, on the edge of a 1250-island archipelago, it's possible to experience everything from Snowmobiling and Hovercraft tours during wintertime to Kayaking and wild swimming in the summer. Their various activities and professional local guides will take great care of you in a unique environment.

Besides activities, the facility is a perfect stay for couples and families. The fifteen 2 bedroom cabins at Brändön Lodge are cosy and intimate, as are the hotel rooms in the nearby facility Pine Bay Lodge which are also available in the winter, with joint activities. The cabins surround the main building, a two-floor log timber lodge, where all meals are served, as well as a gathering point for conversation and relaxing in the lounge.

Your hideaway in nature - Bird's Nest

Experience an adventurous living unlike anything else. What could be more exciting than staying in a cabin up in the trees? At Treehotel, every day is filled with unique experiences. The feeling of being surrounded by trees, covered in snow where the sun shines through, is extraordinary. 


Besides the unique accommodation, Treehotel offers a wide range of experiences and activities in different seasons and a relaxing area with jacuzzis and saunas—a good complement to each other. Fun winter adventures include dining on Ice in a Teepee on the river ice or a Moose safari with a local Sami guide, or perhaps a kayak tour on the river in the summer. One thing for sure is that a stay here will be memorable.

Lavvu forest view

In contrast to the other lodges, at Aurora Safari Camp, guests stay in either a wooden Tipi cabin or a Cone cabin - with glass walls and ceiling. The facility overlooks the Råne river, creating many possibilities for adventure all year round—everything from a Sauna with a plunge pool on the frozen lake to snowmobiling through the surrounding forests. 


Here you live close to nature, and with only 5 tipis/cones, it is a small and intimate stay where your hosts will take great care of you at the camp and take you out into the surrounding nature on their favourite adventure experiences to discover their Arctic Life. Try your hand at Snowshoeing, cross country skiing and take home memories for life.

See some of our Activities

There are lots of possibilities to experience Swedish Lapland. Click here to see an overview of some of our offered activities

These suggestions are only for inspiration. Many possible combinations of accommodation and activities might fulfil your interests. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss other options. Once you have planned an itinerary you can contact each hotel or lodge directly or get in touch with your favourite travel agent.

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