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Sámi visit
Eva Gunnare
Sámi visit


Swedish Lapland is full of traditions, heritage, and culture. Learn more about the Arctic way of life - as it is today and historically. Develop your knowledge and abilities while you get to experience the best of Swedish nature and discover our Arctic Life.
Jon-Anders at Brändön Lodge

During wintertime, behind the main timber cabin at Brändön Lodge, Sámi Jon-Anders has his reindeer for guests to greet, observe and feed. If you are lucky, the sweet and friendly animals can be seen from your own cosy and newly renovated cabin. By joining the Sámi Reindeer Experience, guests can ask questions about the lifestyle directly to Jon-Anders while relaxing nearby the open fire, surrounded by trees and in the quietness. 

The local village of Brändön has a long history of small-scale farming, particularly fishing in the shallow waters of the archipelago and future out to sea. Your hosts and guides will only too happily discuss the stories and history of the region from a Swedish view point of view. This, combined with the fantastic cuisine in their log cabin restaurant, will give you a deep insight into the Arctic Life of northern Sweden fishing villages.

Arctic Retreat - Exterior Cabin

The river valleys of Swedish Lapland have an incredibly long history for the local Sami communities and, more recently, the influence of Swedish settlers attracted by the vast forests for timber, the rivers for fishing and the fertile river valley soils for small-scale farming. At Arctic Retreat, they attempt to respect, honour, and lift all these cultural perspectives. One such experience is Eva Gunnare, a Swede who married into a Reindeer herding family and today is a local icon, able to give an insight into the nature around us and how it has been used for food by all. Her taste of the eight seasons experience is not to be missed.


Arctic Retreat has many experiences, including Swedish Baking, Foraging, Wild Swimming, and Sami Family visits, which, combined with its small scale and personal service from your local hosts, will guarantee a deep insight into the local culture and their Arctic Life.

Lennart Pittja - Sápmi Nature Camp

Following the Lule river north, Sápmi Nature Camp appears as we enter the World Heritage Laponia. The closest neighbour is found kilometres away, which makes a stay here very private. Traditional Lavvus in beige fabrics, a simple log timber main building, and a sauna at the end of a small path next to the shore from Sápmi Nature. Notwithstanding the magnificent surroundings, its sámi owner, Lennart, who has a great passion for his culture and strives to preserve nature, is the highlight of this Experience.

Lennart's storytelling and descriptions are astonishing to hear. While being gathered around the firepit or the dinner table, Lennart has something exciting and educational to tell. The sustainable and down-to-earth mindset permeates the camp in all aspects, from the heating of the rooms to the bathrooms—everything with a traditional touch. This is a must for anyone interested in the sámi lifestyle and culture. You can't ask for a better source of information and a more congenial host.

Inspirational program

Swedish and Sami Culture in the Autumn Season

A 5-night stay in Swedish Lapland where you will experience the best of both Swedish and Sami Culture and gain insight into both. 


Welcome to Swedish Lapland, a mesmerizing Arctic wonderland where nature's grandeur unfolds in breathtaking panoramas. This northernmost region of Sweden, draped in the mystical allure of the Arctic Circle, invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of pristine wilderness. The magic of Swedish Lapland isn't confined to the winter months. As summer's vibrant hues give way to the golden embrace of autumn, Swedish Lapland transforms into a tapestry of colors, offering a unique and enchanting experience for those who venture to this Arctic wonderland during the fall season. 


Autumn paints the landscape with warm tones of red, orange, and gold, as the birch and pine forests undergo a breathtaking metamorphosis. The crisp air carries the scent of fallen leaves, inviting you to explore the wilderness on scenic hikes and nature walks. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Sami culture, where traditions are woven into the fabric of everyday life.


As the nights grow longer, the possibility of witnessing the Northern Lights returns. The autumn skies, clear and free from the summer's midnight sun, offer a canvas for the ethereal dance of the auroras. Imagine standing beneath the celestial display, surrounded by the sounds of the wilderness as the Northern Lights weave their magic above. Swedish Lapland in the autumn is an invitation to experience the beauty of change, to revel in the serenity of the season, and to connect with nature in its most captivating form.

Reconnect at Arctic retreat

Arctic Retreat, a small eco-lodge in Swedish Lapland, offers a unique stay in well-appointed log timber cabins overlooking the Råne River. Nestled in the heart of boreal forests at a river bend, this tranquil retreat sits at the foot of a gentle rapid, providing an exclusive yet genuinely personal experience. Embrace the pristine surroundings and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Swedish Lapland. With a commitment to high quality and eco-friendly practices, Arctic Retreat invites you to discover the charm of this hidden gem, where the untouched wilderness and comfortable accommodations create an unforgettable escape.

For more information: 

Day 1

Arrive at Arctic Retreat

  • Guided transfer from Boden station or Luleå airport to Arctic Retreat

  • Enjoy an afternoon in nature and the use of our fishing equipment, fat bikes or canoes at your leisure.

  • Accommodation in a log timber cabin (incl hot-tub and sauna)

  • 3-course dinner in the restaurant

Day 2


  • Breakfast

  • Enjoy a day in nature and the use of our fishing equipment, fat bikes or canoes at your leisure.

  • Options for guided activities

  • Outdoor lunch with your hosts

  • Accommodation in a log timber cabin (incl hot-tub and sauna)

  • 3 course dinner in the restaurant

Day 3

Heading to Jokkmok

  • Breakfast

  • Guided transfer to Jokkmokk

  • Visit Sami Museum 

  • Lunch in Jokkmokk

Deep dive into Sami Culture at Sami Nature Camp

Nestled in the heart of the Sjavnja Nature Reserve, Sapmi Nature Camp offers a unique connection to nature and an authentic insight into the indigenous Sami culture. This land serves as crucial grazing ground for the reindeer in the Unna Tjerusj Sami community and is a part of the esteemed Laponia World Heritage area.!


A stay here means living in harmony with nature alongside the Sami people deeply connected to this landscape. Engage actively in Arctic Circle life, from exploring the wilderness to tending the room's stove, or simply unwind and appreciate the tranquility of this special place. With a Sami host always present, your safety and the opportunity to delve into Sapmi culture are guaranteed.


Stay at award-winning Sapmi Nature Camp in a shared double “room” with comfortable beds, and a wood stove. The camp is totally secluded in nature in the world heritage area Laponia. Learn more about Sami food and help out to prepare our meals.

For more information:

The order of activities just an example as the itinerary at Sapmi Camp will follow nature and the activities below will happen on the best day.

Day 3 continued


  • Pick up in Jokkmokk by Lennart Pittja from Sapmi Nature

  • Guided Sami cultural landscape hike – enjoy the taiga forest and experience the Sami cultural landscape.

  • Hosted and full board overnight in a Premium or Standard Lavuu

Day 4


  • Hiking in Stora Sjöfallet and visit Naturrum Laponia

  • Hosted and full board overnight in a Premium or Standard Lavuu

Day 5


  • Canoe the Lule River

  • Hosted and full board overnight in a Premium or Standard Lavuu

Day 6

Last day

  • Transfer to Gällivare for the train to Kiruna or Luleå.

  • (other transfer options available on request)

These suggestions are only for inspiration. Many possible combinations of accommodation and activities might fulfil your interests. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss other options. Once you have planned an itinerary you can contact each hotel or lodge directly or get in touch with your favourite travel agent.

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