Aurora Safari Camp

The worlds first arctic winter climate glampsite

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Your room in the wild
Your room in the wild

One of the rooms
One of the rooms

The forest behind the camp
The forest behind the camp

Your room in the wild
Your room in the wild

Aurora Safari Camp is the first glampsite for Arctic winter climate in the world. 
Positioned around one hour from Luleå Airport (LLA) and the arctic town of Luleå  in absolute solitude next to a large lake in the Råne River system. An ideal place to both be active and relax at. For couples, groups of friends and for families that want to be active together and learn about the arctic and our lifestyle. A great place for the adventurous that still wants to be in comfort. The perfect place to book all private. The camp has 4 rooms and each room can be set as single, twin, double or family. 2 washrooms and the sauna on the float that is freezed into the ice of the lake in the best position if the northern lights shows up while you are cooling down in a plungehole in the ice between the sauna sessions.
  • Off man made infrastructure

  • All in solitude

  • No lightpollution in the area

  • Private heated tent rooms 

  • Local food and delicasys. 3 course dinners.

  • Unique sauna on a float freezed into the ice of the lake

  • Snowshoeing, fatbiking, nordic skiing, kicksledding and the sauna included

  • Dogsledding and dogsledding from the site

  • Arctic wellness abd yoga themes

  • Photo workshops and tours

We are happy to build a nice travel programme for you around the camp experience in combination with for example Arctic Retreat and The Outpost. Contact us below and we will get back soon with more informaion and availibility.

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