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Photo Daniel Holmgren
Photo Daniel Holmgren


You are searching for relaxation, harmony, and calmness during your stay in Swedish Lapland. The silence and freedom of vast nature give us an optimal environment to recharge. Treat yourself to a relaxing experience for your well-being; you deserve it.
Arctic Bath - Karin Lundin

The first thing that greets guests is the unique main building, like a giant log jam perched on top of the water. The pastel-coloured sky creates black silhouettes of the water cabins that can be seen along the river's edge. Between the trees, you can visit other modern and discreet cottages with windows that reflect the landscape. Here, guests are invited to a fantastic atmosphere by the Lule river, where peace and quiet are the focus. Arctic Bath is the perfect place for relaxation and quality time together. The common sauna, steam sauna and open ice bath are perfect complements. The included spa routine is an optimal activity to get in the mood where recovery is the focus. 


After a delicious and healthy dinner and a good night's sleep, new relaxing and soothing experiences await. The everyday stress and tensions in the body will start to dissipate. The feeling of being able to let go of all thoughts and worries, where the shoulders slowly relax, is well deserved by everyone. Here there are opportunities to adapt the treatments to your needs; a facial to treat your skin with extra care, a massage to soften the muscles and release tension, or a yoga session to reconnect with your inner self and unwind the body.

Tipi cabin

At first glance, the facility is hard to see, but inside the trees by the Råne River, several Lavvu-like cottages appear with windows facing the water. The intimate and small-scale Aurora Safari Camp facility is perfect for relaxation and recovery. The Lavvu cabins are furnished with a feeling of softness and warmth. The angled walls, which finally merge into the ceiling, convey the sense of security that arises. Life here consists of becoming one with nature and returning a little in time. 


The way you shower is part of the relaxing and restorative part of living here. Do the old-fashioned way by heating the hot water on a wood stove and pouring it over your body. The place you can do this ritual, the traditional way, is out on the water - in the floating sauna. The old technique for cleaning the body can be combined with a bath in the river - cut through ice cold during winter - in parallel with a sauna session. This unique activity is something that everyone can enjoy in during their stay. Towards evening, dinner is served in the intimate and cosy lounge building. The dark interior style, small details and the lighted candles create an atmospheric existence that lets the pulse slow down, interesting conversations occur, and the mind finds peace.

These suggestions are only for inspiration. Many possible combinations of accommodation and activities might fulfil your interests. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss other options. Once you have planned an itinerary you can contact each hotel or lodge directly or get in touch with your favourite travel agent.

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