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Arctic Bath food
Food - Mats Engfors
Arctic Bath food


Are you curious about Scandinavian Arctic cuisine? Experience flavour combinations out of the ordinary in Swedish Lapland. Here, local ingredients are abundant with seasonings typical of Arctic cuisine - where the seasons play the leading role. Welcome to take part in an extraordinary taste experience. The cuisine at all our hotels and lodges is excellent and the two below have a specific focus but interesting and subtly differing styles.
Arctic Bath Restaurant - Malin Saxcom

The spectacular main building, with a spa and restaurant, rises out of the Lule River and becomes the iconic feature of the hotel. The surrounding water cabins clad in grey wood with asymmetrical shapes appear as part of the environment. A few meters behind, among the trees, are the larger cottages whose windows mirror the surroundings. The silence is noticeable, while the environment and landscape speak volumes. The overall theme of the cottages and the main building is modern and Scandinavian-inspired, focusing on sustainability. 


In the restaurant, the walls and ceiling are clad in light-pigmented wood, taken directly from the local area—a pleasant and intimate environment to enter after a long day of activities and spa experiences. The culinary experience has arctic elements where the food strives to be homemade, have a local connection and be sustainable. The dishes are prepared with local products based on Nordic cuisine with a modern twist and served as a tasting menu with 5-7 courses depending on the day's menu. Arctic Bath's restaurant is part of the "White Guide”, recognising their fantastic service and cuisine.

Lounge area at Sörbyn Lodge

The Swedish classic falu-red colour covers Sörbyn Lodge's exterior, with white edges as contrast as in many a Swedish home. On the inside, however, the classic is replaced by a mordent, Scandinavian-inspired interior choice where walnut interacts with grey, white and black. Green elements make the surroundings feel even more down-to-earth, and the open landscape invites you to socialize. Here it is noticeable that efforts have been made to ensure that everything is top-class. Directly to the left of the entrance, the large dining area spreads out, giving guests an overview of the professional kitchen. 


The food from Sörbyn is based on the expression "Northern food with one foot in the wilderness and the other in civilization". Guests are greeted by a three-course or 5-course menu designed according to the seasons, to use the current and best ingredients from the forests and seas of the north. Heritage, traditions and sustainability are close to the heart of the facility. Outside the main building and the restaurant is a separate building with hotel rooms, and down by the water, there are five cottages spread out. Here the guests live in a small community with closeness to nature — a wonderful place to spend time and enjoy amazing Arctic cuisine.

These suggestions are only for inspiration. Many possible combinations of accommodation and activities might fulfil your interests. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss other options. Once you have planned an itinerary you can contact each hotel or lodge directly or get in touch with your favourite travel agent.

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