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Brändön Lodge overview - Brandon Lodge


Brändön Lodge is situated by the coast of Swedish Lapland, overlooking the Luleå Archipelago and the Bay of Bothnia. With 1,300 islands and perhaps 100 residents, it is a unique environment that is excellent for outdoor boating life in the Summer and Autumn. In winter, from the middle of December until early April, the sea around the islands freezes up to a meter thick. This makes a perfect winter environment for snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice-fishing and even a hovercraft experience. They are also great places to see the northern lights in the Autumn and Winter, being far away from city lights and with a low horizon to the north.


The main lodge is a log cabin with a restaurant, lounge and relaxation area. Around the main building are 15 timber cabins overlooking the sea. Each cabin has been recently renovated and includes 1 one bathroom, two bedrooms with two single beds in each room, a lounge room and a front-facing covered porch. The single beds in one room can be made up to double. Winter clothing is provided to all guests. Brändön Lodge is the departure point for a wide range of fantastic activities all year round, including their signature archipelago pack ice snowmobile tour in the winter. Our Sami friends always keep a few of his reindeer in the winter months. They are very friendly, allowing all our guests to meet and feed them. This is very popular with our international guests. A wide range of activities is available in winter, summer and autumn.

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Reindeers in their natural habitat

Family owned Lodge by the Bothnia Sea

Cousins Göran Widen and Johan Björklund and their families have taken care of this wonderful lodge only a half hour from the town of Luleå for some 20 years. Their personal and hands-on approach and passion for people ensures the guests in their 15 cabins all receive a small-scale and friendly experience. They are famous for their cuisine in the log cabin restaurant as well as their wide range of professional and fun activities from dogsledding and snowmobiling to a hovercraft ride across the frozen sea in the winter. 

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