The Outpost Lodge

The ultimate gettogether lodge. In perfect position to cross the arctic circle.

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Dinner at the lodge
Dinner at the lodge

The Outpost. Mårdsel Arctic Village
The Outpost. Mårdsel Arctic Village


Around 35 min from Aurora Safari Camp,  within convenient transfer distance from Luleå Airport (LLA) you find this new small lodge that is the former post office in the small arctic village of Mårdsel. We have for two winter seasons welcomed guests from all over the world. From here we are in ideal position to cross the arctic circle, and we are the only lodge in an area of thousands of square kilometers. This is the perfect gettogether place where you can be all private with your friends, family and colleagues. Come and explore the snowy areas up here around the Arctic Circle at latitud N66 with us. The perfect finale after a stay at Aurora Safari Camp.
  • 5 double/twin rooms and a children room

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Very little lightpollution in the area

  • Sauna an relax room

  • Lounge and bar.

  • Local food and delicasys. 3 course dinners.

  • Fantastic area for winter activites. Snowsafe.

  • Makes a great combination with Aurora Safari Camp.

We are happy to build a nice travel programme for you around The Outpost lodge in combination with Aurora Safari Camp or other places in the Arctic Getaway selection. If you start with the camp you  will enjoy the adventurous tented accommodation and all the activities at the camp and then come here and snowmobile over the Arctic circle. If you go for the Arctic Retreat combo you come here first. Contact us below and we will be back soon with more information and availability.

Note: This place can be booked from full service private lodge, or as two individual apartments with different levels of service.

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