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Family memories for life
Cross country skiing
Playground in the snow


Spend extra time with people you care about. Swedish Lapland is perfect for visiting larger groups or families; the possibilities for experiences are enormous. Shared joy is a double joy, as they say. Deepen the bonds between each other and enjoy more quality time; those memories will last a lifetime. All our lodges and hotels are ideal for and welcome families. The UFO room or Dragonfly at Treehotel is, for example, extremely popular with families. Those below also have a particular ambience and fun facilities for all ages.
Celebrate a milestone

The sturdy and stately log cabin down by the sea is Brändön Lodge's restaurant and lounge. An excellent place for families to meet and relax. It is surrounded by two-bedroom cottages, spaced with some privacy from each other and overlooking the water. The interior of the main building conveys a feeling of warmth, safety and calm thanks to the warm tones of the timber walls combined with stone elements. The large selection of activities enables family groups of all sizes and ages to spend quality time together. 


Nearby is another wonderful Lodge - Pine Bay Lodge. In the large central building, there is a restaurant and lounge area as well as several hotel standard rooms. The facilities are interconnected and have common activities. Since there is a range of single and double rooms and even a separate family suite available, along with plenty of activities, this lodge is also perfect for families of all sizes. Opportunities like visiting the reindeer, snowmobiling or ice fishing during winter, open up tremendous possibilities to enjoy spending time together and create unforgettable memories. 

Enjoy local cuisine - Sörbyn Lodge

In the Råne River valley in the small community of Sörbyn, there is Sörbyn Lodge. A lodge with everything you can imagine; smaller red cottages laid out overlooking the water, a combined complex with upgraded hotel rooms as well as the core; the main building where the fantastic restaurant and inviting atmosphere are located. The renovated dining area, with a modern and Scandinavian-inspired interior, invites guests for a delicious meal and maybe a game of cards to finish the evening. 


Here the family can gather and stay, either in the cottages or in several of the hotel rooms. The surroundings are inspiring and relaxing, and the fireplace area outside the main building invites conversation. There are numerous activities to engage in regardless of the season, which indicates there´s always something for everyone. Do something together and grow the connection and create family memories. With excellent fishing, hiking and foraging opportunities in the Summer and Autumn and a wide range of family-friendly winter activities, this is your ideal family getaway.

These suggestions are only for inspiration. Many possible combinations of accommodation and activities might fulfil your interests. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss other options. Once you have planned an itinerary you can contact each hotel or lodge directly or get in touch with your favourite travel agent.

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