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Couple at Gumberget
Couple on snowmobile
Experience autumn together


Experience Swedish Lapland in an authentic, genuine and unforgettable way together with someone you love. What we remember at the end of the day are the memories we create together - and the feeling it gives. 
Cabin - Arctic Retreat

A calming feeling meets you upon arrival. The large log cabins, furnished in a modern and exclusive style with windows to the north, give a warm and secure feeling. Being in the moment, where time stands still, with your partner is unbeatable. The river that meanders outside the windows with forest all around becomes fascinating and a harmonious element of existence to be enjoyed from inside the living room of the cottage. Towards evening, a three-course dinner is served in one of the log cabin restaurants, with candles dancing on the walls and a warmth that spreads throughout the room. The flavours from the dinner are delicious, matched with fine wine, with only the arrival of the Aurora able to disturb the evening.


When the morning sun appears the next day, it is time for exciting and new activities to enjoy together. Depending on the season, the activities can vary; but they are always private, and the most important thing is to create new memories and reconnect. On the return, a jacuzzi outside on the terrace and perhaps the saun beckon. After these days, the goal is for the couple to have found inner peace and deepen their relationship with themselves and each other.

Relax and unwind - Dragonfly

Treehotel may look simple at first glance - a historic guest house in Harads where a warm welcome greets guests. A short walk from there, however, hides something completely different - a forest filled with spectacular architecturally phenomenal treehouses. The feeling of wandering among the trees and viewing the rooms together is a unique experience. Inside the rooms, the feeling of nature is palpable. Each window appears in different forms; forest, water, sun, and sky. 


Being up among the trees is a powerful feeling, creating security and safety. Here, there is plenty of time to relax and connect and be in the present. As evening approaches, dinner is enjoyed in the old guest house, where the evening might end with a warming Jacuzzi combined with a sauna, the ultimate relaxation favoured by people in the Arctic. The day can be spent at the resort, relaxing, but we recommend you take the opportunity to explore the surroundings through one of the wonderful activities. These can be arranged privately where you will create beautiful memories and get to know a local guide, and learn about the region and their Arctic Life.

Sápmi Nature - Lavvu Deluxe

The Lavvus-glamping style Tipis with timber interiors, overlook the water and forest. The interplay between nature and man doesn't get more tangible than this. The fire is lit, and the Sami host welcomes the guests. The environment is fairytale-like, with total silence and freedom, without disturbances. The path down to the water entices couples to explore the area, and once there, there's no avoiding the stunning views that unfold—a well-balanced painting with high mountains, forests in abundance and water. Stories about the Sami culture, heritage and lifestyle enchant the guests and enrich their stay with hopefully new perspectives on life. The taste experiences are out of the ordinary; maybe it's the charm that it's cooked outdoors or the environment that influences it, but it's memorable either way.


The charm is in the simple. It is quiet and peaceful; time stands still. It feels like the couple are the only one present. By tomorrow's dawn, calm has set in, and time for reflection and deeper discussions take place. The simple lifestyle and environment give the relationship more space to be seen, cherished and deepened. External factors become less critical when distractions have been removed. The stories behind the landscape and life in Sápmi are painted during the stay to raise awareness and show the value nature possesses and has done throughout time. The couple experiences all this together, and the memories will be shared forever.

These suggestions are only for inspiration. Many possible combinations of accommodation and activities might fulfil your interests. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss other options. Once you have planned an itinerary you can contact each hotel or lodge directly or get in touch with your favourite travel agent.

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