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Baltic Sea
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Sapmi Nature Camp
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Destinations in Swedish Lapland

Adventurous places to stay in Swedish Lapland, Arctic Sweden

Arctic Getaways are a collection of professional and experienced small camps, lodges and hotels along the Luleå and Råne rivers from coast to mountains in Swedish Lapland. 

You are most welcome to come and enjoy our Arctic life with us.

Arctic Getaways are amazing places that are small-scale, personal, and unique and that value hospitality and good service above all else. Here you can meet local people in a relaxed atmosphere who will lead by example to show you how to enjoy the Scandinavian Arctic life.​ 
Arctic life is one in which we take the extremely contrasting seasons and make the most of each. This can be through the activities we enjoy in our leisure time, the way we source and prepare food from the local forest or the small-scale farming along our river valleys and coast. It is how we welcome guests, as we would a friend, into a warm place after a day of adventure.  
Whether sitting by a warm fire reading a book, canoeing along a pristine forest river or dashing along a snow-covered trail mushing a dogsledding team, there is something for everyone across all seasons. Welcome to our Arctic life.
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