The Outpost

The small winter lodge close to the Arctic Circle with some of the best snowmobiling in the world.

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 In the small village Mårdsel close to the Arctic Circle in Råne River Valley. The best snowmobiling area in the world. 
Around 35 min from Aurora Safari Camp,  and one and a half hour from Luleå Airport (LLA) and the arctic town of Luleå you find this small becoming lodge that is the former postoffice on the small arctic village of Mårdsel not far from the Arctic circle.We are renovating the house right now and soon guests from all over the world will have a chance to visit and explore the snowy areas up here around the Arctic Circle at latitud N66. 
  • 5 double/twin rooms and a children room

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Very little lightpollution in the area

  • Sauna on the house and by the river 

  • Lounge and bar.

  • Local food and delicasys. 3 course dinners.

  • Fantastic area for winter activites. Snowsafe.

  • Makes a great combination with Aurora Safari Camp.

We are happy to build a nice travel programme for you around The Outpost lodge in combination with Aurora Safari Camp and Arctic Retreat. If you start with the camp you  will enjoy the adventuorus tented accomodation and all the activites at the camp and then come here and snowmobile over the Arctic circle. If you go for the Arctic Retreat combo you come here first. Contact us below and we will be back soon with more informaion and availibility.

Note: This place can be booked from full service private lodge, or as two individual apartments with different levels of service.

Phone: +46706557966

© 2018. Most images by Fredrik Broman & Graeme Richardson