Pine Bay Lodge

By the baltic sea

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Adventures on the Baltic sea


Pine Pay Lodge is situated by the coast of Swedish Lapland overlooking the Luleå Archipelago and the Bay of Bothnia. With a total of 1,300 islands and perhaps 100 residents it is a unique environment which is great for boating out door life in the Summer and Autumn. In winter from the middle of December until early April the sea around the islands freezes up to a meter thick. This makes a perfect environment for winter activities such as snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice-fishing and even a hovercraft experience. it's also a great place to see the northern lights in the Autumn and Winter being far away from city lights and with a low horizon to the north.


Pine bay is like a secret hide-out away from it all, located on the coast to the north of Brändön Lodge. At Pine Bay Lodge we have 9 hotel standard rooms including 4 singles and 5 doubles as well as a large suite with two double and one single room. In addition we have a Restaurant, bar and fire place in the main lounge and relaxation area. There is also a wooden-fired sauna in a separate house overlooking the water. This is a very exclusive and very Swedish style lodge overlooking a small bay with access to the Luleå archipelago. Pine Bay Lodge is a small hotel with a home like feel making it idea for small groups or independent travellers who are looking for privacy and a personal touch. Enjoy fantastic food and some of Sweden’s most unique activities at Pine Bay Lodge.

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